SEAA celebrates fourth SG Real Estate Agents Excellence Awards

Singapore Estate Agents Association (SEAA) SG Real Estate Agents Excellence Awards 2K23 was held on Aug 18 at Marina Bay Sands Convention Business Centre to recognize more than 670 local real estate salespersons. SEAA has consecutively held this event for four good years prior to Covid-19. successful and outstanding salesperson, as well as the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct by registered salespersons across all agencies in Singapore were given well-deserved recognition during this event. awards ceremonies were held separately twice due Given the scale of the event. An afternoon session honoured individual recipients of the Salespersons Achievement Award (Silver) and the Salespersons Achievement Award (Gold). The Silver award went to agents who raked in a gross commission of $100,000– $199,999 for the full calendar year of 2K22, while the Gold category ranged from $200,000 to $400,000 over the same period. In an evening ceremony, awards were presented to individual as well as multi-award recipients. They include Salespersons Achievement Award (Platinum), Salespersons Achievement Award (Diamond), Outstanding Youths Award, and Rookies Award. The Platinum category was for agents who collected gross commission of $400,001–$999,999, and the Diamond category, for commissions totalling $1 million and above. Luckily, professional agents like yourselves can be relied on by consumers for updated property market trends and data that guide them through the complex house hunting and financial timeline of the sales and purchase transaction,” says Minister Faishal. He commented that both sellers and buyers rely on real estate salesperson to act in their best interests and give them prudent advise to make sound financial and yet fulfilling decision. Giving outstanding salespersons recognition for their professionalism, values and sales achievements are essential for the industry as It develops consumer trust through ethical conduct, nurturing lasting relationships and recurring business. Shaping a positive image of property agencies and real estate salespersons in Singapore will go push up the overall service standards and cultivate consumer trust. this year’s recipients exuded a blend of tenacity, adaptability, and customer-oriented, says Edmund Toh, CEO of SEAA. “Their continuous re-inventing, re-learning and foster relationships underscores their success. A strong work ethics, effective communication, and resilience stand out as common threads,” he adds.

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