A guide to investing in Japan: FMI is your trusted partner for international property acquisition and divestment in the Land Of The Rising Sun

The stellar performance of real estate market in Japan has in the recent years, captivate opportunistic investors. Japan’s resilient and robust fundamentals real estate markets are an attractive force for foreign investment in bespoke residential and commercial segment. However, unfamiliarity with the complexities of the domestic market can discourage some solo investors. Some may need guidance in finding the suitable assets that matches their risk appetite, strategies, and budget. Hence, it is very important to collaborate with a extensive and experienced real estate investment company like FMI Japan which specialises in facilitating the investment journey for individuals, developers, and fund managers. a subsidiary of FM Investment (FMI), FMI Japan is an international real estate consultancy specialising in providing personal one-stop solution services. Since its inception in 2K15, the company has ventured into real estate construction, property investment, and management. FMI was founded in Singapore and is managed by co-founders, CEO Amos Lee and the company’s chief operating officer Nicky So. Both key personels are industry veterans with a collective experience of more than three decades steering through spectrum of cycle in international property segments.

the first country that FMI moved to develop itself more than nine years ago was Japan. Today, the company is a credible collaborator for many international partners targeting to invest and purchase Japan real estate. Within its range of property expertise, FMI Japan has established a specialty in spotting budding real estate investment chances throughout key Japanese cities and recognize property investment that has hidden appreciation potential. This strength comes from its teams on the ground who keep their clients updated and informed on the latest market analysis influencing the Japanese market. It has attained a resilient and permanent relationship with buying agents, developers, and local asset managers throughout the industry. Their established portfolios over the years includes Garden Terrace Ginza East, a nine-unit apartment project in Tokyo’s Ginza East neighbourhood, as well as a 36-unit apartment building in Osaka, called The Peak Tengachaya. The firm has clinched investment deals for its clients, like the Gracia Hotel Shinsaibashi, a nine-key hotel in Osaka.

The Osaka projects are worthy to invest since investment interest in the city has garnered popularity in recent months. This comes from mega and notable development projects in the supply chain, such as Japan’s first entertainment project, which will open in the city in 2K29.There are also plans for an upcoming mega-resort complex on Yumeshima, a reclaimed island in Osaka Bay. comprising of hotels, conference centres, shopping malls, museums, and a new ferry terminal, the new rejuvenated resort will escalate the city’s growth potential over the next few years. On the rental market, key cities like Tokyo and Osaka are returning to normalcy after a rent correction following a relatively large number of completed projects. Moving forward, rents will be boosted by the return of overseas residents to these cities.

Savvy investors might consider adding to their portfolio a prime apartment as the pent-up demand will be mismatched by a below-average number of new residential units for rent flowing into the market over the next few months, the Savills report adds. These developments point to sustained demand for investment as sets in Japan from overseas investors. FMI Japan is a partner for many family funds and Singapore-based developers who are interested in capitalising on the growth potential of the Japanese real estate market. While they recognise the investment potential, they often need more guidance and a domestic network to navigate the market effectively. This is where FMI Japan can step in to open the door for them.

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